Prescribing for ADHD in primary care following consultation with private providers

At Woodlands surgery our primary commitment is to ensure patients receive the best possible care while maintaining transparency and adhering to established guidelines. To this end, we have formulated the following policy statement regarding ‘prescribing for ADHD in primary care following consultation with private providers’.

Key considerations:

We understand that due to long NHS waiting lists, some patients opt to have some or all their treatment privately and we support your right to do so.

The decision to prescribe any medication is ultimately down to individual clinicians and whether they feel clinically competent and appropriate to do so.

It is the responsibility of the GP to ensure the ADHD assessment was robust and the correct diagnosis was reached in accordance with NICE principles. Be satisfied pre-treatment and long-term monitoring was and is intended to be carried out in line with local guidance. This includes monitoring of appropriate physical observations, ADHD symptoms, psychiatric status and potential for misuse and diversion of medication. Regarding private providers, we do not have the required training to reach this decision and there is no system in place to ensure patients are getting their necessary specialist monitoring.

Therefore, the practice has come to the decision that any new requests from private specialists to prescribe ADHD medication will be declined.  

In accordance with Thames Valley Priorities Committee Commissioning Policy Statement 35- Patients who have been diagnosed and treated privately may be transferred to the NHS and should be re-assessed for NHS treatment.

We are happy to refer to the appropriate clinic for confirmation of diagnosis. Where medication is indicated, the appropriate treatment will be initiated, or existing medication continued according to these guidelines.

We acknowledge that there may be some delay in some patients accessing their medication but ultimately this decision is to ensure patient safety. We understand patients may seek to remain with private providers, where they have the financial means to do so, due to the long waiting lists.