Inhaler switch for reduction of carbon footprint

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We are reviewing patients who currently receive a Fostair inhaler with the aim of switching them to a Luforbec inhaler. Luforbec contains the same ingredients and has shown the same effectiveness in the management of patient’s conditions. 

Pressurised metered dose inhalers contain HFC propellants which are powerful greenhouse gases and can contribute to global warming. Dry powder inhalers do not contain these propellants and produce 20g CO2e per dose whereas some pmdi inhalers produce 500g CO2e per dose.

For comparison the estimated carbon footprint of an average trip (9 miles) in a typical car produces 2,610g CO2e (or 290g CO2e per mile)

All inhalers have a carbon footprint associated with their manufacture, distribution and use. The swap will allow us to provide a carbon neutral product as this is offset by the manufacturer through the support of global sustainability and environmental projects. 

This will help the NHS goal of 80% reduction of its carbon footprint by 2028 to 2032 and for net zero by 2040.

The ordering of repeat prescriptions will not be affected. Thank you for helping us build a more sustainable NHS